Everywhere you go in Urhoboland, you hear of the late Mukoro Ọghẹnẹmohwo and his works of selfless service to the Urhobo people. What remains is the application of lessons learnt from his life in the lives of present-day Urhobo people. Were Mowho’s struggles in vain? Professor Godini G. Darah has repeatedly spoken in conferences and seminars about the “Mowoe Legacy”. But how can the legacy continue if the present and subsequent generations do nothing to promote it?

One need not be a merchant or a politician before he can promote this legacy of selfless service to society. In whatever field of life one may find himself, there is an act of service that can be rendered to society.

This is our message. And we have chosen to do so in the area of documentation of Urhobo language and literature to ensure that future generations can learn, speak and teach in Urhobo, Uvwiẹ and Okpẹ. We need you to join hands with us in whatever field of life you find yourself in. Together, we can do it.

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Urhobo! Ọvuọvo!

Urhobo! Ọvuọvo!!

Urhobo mẹ na! Ọvuọvo!!!